Craigslist Lexington KY


Money scams

Craigslist Lexington KY allows you to list any item that you have for sale. You can find great deals on furniture, books and household appliances as well as cars, trucks, RVs, and other items. There are also listings for homes and rentals that homeowners and property managers can post on the site. It is a great place to meet buyers and sellers in the area. Most transactions are conducted without any problems. It’s still a great site to sell or buy, but there have been more scammy ads. It is important to be cautious when you deal with people you don’t know. These are five money-scams you should be aware of on Craigslist Lexington

  1. Craigslist Lexington KY deal becomes robbery

After connecting via craigslist vt , a violent con artist in Lexington, Kentucky set up a meeting with a man at a motel. Although the victim thought he was meeting a lady, he was actually hiding in a toilet and waiting to trap and rob him. Robert McGee threatened to harm or even kill the victim if he did not hand over his money and mobile phone. The victim called for help at a nearby gas station right after the incident. The crime was committed and the perpetrator was taken into custody.

  1. Craigslist Lexington KY scam rental

Lexington Craigslist Lexington KY posted a fake advertisement advertising a rental apartment at $300 per month. There was a $300 security deposit, which is listed as refundable. The advertisement states that pets are allowed and gives the address of the rental. To steal identity theft information, the scammers request victims to fill out a rent questionnaire. The scammers then proceed to steal rent and deposit money. They also claim that the realtor sign was not placed in the yard. This is a scam, as the rent is too low and the address doesn’t have a yard. They don’t live in the area. They just stole information from another website that listed the property for sale.

  1. Craigslist scam in Lexington

Keller Williams realty had posted a listing for the property and began to receive calls about it. Problem is, the calls weren’t for the original listing she had posted. These calls were made by victims of a false ad that she had placed for the property she was renting. Craigslist Lexington KY had altered the photos and other information from the original ad. Potential renters were advised to visit the property, check it out, and then wire the rent money to her if they are interested. After driving by the property, people saw the number of the real realtor and called her. They soon discovered that they were almost victims of a scam real estate.

  1. Easy Yard Sale Scam

The scammers target people looking to buy large-ticket items on craigslist norfolk , such as a boat, car, or electronics. Scammers offer big-ticket items for sale. They ask for people to respond to their advertisement, which lists items at very low prices. Then they will be instructed to make the purchase through an imposter company called Easy Yard Sale. They are not able to get information from the fake pay site and the seller ceases responding after they have made the purchase.

  1. Craigslist Lexington: Mason contractor scam

This scammer is looking to get you to hire a Masonry contractor. Craigslist scammers recently cost a disabled veteran over $1,000. Eddie Negron discovered a contractor listed on craigslist chattanooga as Bigfoot Brick and Block Masonry. Phillip Brennan is the owner. To give Negron an estimate for the work to Craigslist Lexington KY, he even visited Negron’s home. Negron signed the contract and gave the man more than $1,000. He then disappeared with the money. Police are now trying to recover the money for the veteran. Brennan is being investigated for criminal charges.

Craigslist Scam Hits Lexington Kentucky Real Estate Market

Real estate is booming! It’s the right time to move now, with historic low rates and a $8,000 tax credit. Be careful not to jump without looking! Unfortunately, there are corrupt organizations and individuals out there that promote great real estate opportunities.

This is an example: Monday afternoon I received 16 calls about one of my listings. It sounds great for my seller…or did it? It turned out that all these callers had one commonality: They were looking for rentals on Craigslist, and came across an amazing property at an unbelievable price. Let me digress and confirm that this property was indeed for sale on craigslist springfield mo. This property was not for rent, and had been sold in the previous week. Further investigation revealed that my original listing’s content (photographs, information about the property, etc.) had been taken and “reused”. Further research revealed that the content of my original listing (photographs, property information, etc.) had been stolen and “reused.” My contact information was deleted completely by the Realtor who had the original listing. A generic email account became the only contact source for Craigslist Lexington KY. It requested that anyone searching the site email it. After they had done so, they would receive a fake letter from the “seller” who was based in West Africa. The fake “seller” claimed to be on a trip to bid on petroleum land abroad and was unable to meet potential renters in Lexington. They requested that potential renter candidates fill out a personal information form and submit it. Then they would mail them the keys.

Many of these potential renters decided to view the property. They found it on Craigslist Lexington KY. After seeing my contact information, they called me to inquire about renting. I was forced to tell them repeatedly that the house was not for rent and it was for sale. I knew there was something wrong. The seller was not from Africa, and this was a scam!