Katie Aselton, a star of ‘Father Figures,” discusses Family, Fantasy Football, and Superheroes


Katie Aselton, a star of ‘Father Figures,” discusses Family, Fantasy Football, and Superheroes

Katie Aselton is well-known as The Fantasy Football League’s guy’s girl, but Father Figures star Father Figures wants to be a badass superhero.

Are you a fantasy football player in real life?

Because I believe it may keep me cool aunt, I like to play with my nephews. I will always be Jenny. I am pretty good, even though I auto-draft. In spite of this, I was able to win in one year in which the entire cast played along with the creators of Fantasy Football. It’s all a bunch of bullshit, the fact that I won it.

You’re now the cool aunt. Are you also a cool mother?

My 5- and 9-year-old daughters are my children. I teach confidence, self-assurance, and never changing myself to them. My 9-year old daughter is very aware of how boys perceive her. We have to fight that. “Why would you change the volume of your voice when a boy is speaking to you? You would pretend to not know how flag football is played. “Why is that appealing to boys?” These conversations are regular and focus on confidence and being who you truly are.

Have you ever struggled with this as a child?

Are you serious? This bizarre need for validation is something I still struggle with. My job involves so much rejection. It messed up my brain on a daily basis.

What makes a woman attractive?

The most sexiest women don’t care about intelligence. They just want to be able to use their big girl voices. The manic pixie dream girl of yesteryear would shrug their shoulders and apologize for being beautiful, which was a problem. Lake Bell is an example of how to be strong, sexy, goofy, awkward and confident. Fucking, drop your voice six octaves to be the woman with deepest voice. I love women who kick ans–Gal Gadot, for me, is the freaking shit.

This year you turn 40. Have you ever felt the Hollywood pressure to not age?

While I am being given traditional mom roles, I really want to run or shoot. I was excited to be able to join the Marvel universe and get Legion, but I have yet not been able get a gun. Nothing. Give me at least a superpower. In truth, though, I’m sure there will always be someone prettier with a bigger boo and better hair. My strength is the fact that I work harder now than I did 23 years ago, when I didn’t have wrinkles or better hair.

Your husband, Mark Duplass, is a director and actor. What’s that like?

It is one of my favorite things. He is a good friend of mine. His company is a pleasure. He is funny and very creative. It is not easy to work together. We had to wait many years before we were able to make it work.

It was rough at the beginning.

It wasn’t easy to make our first movie together, The Puffy Chair. After two years of dating, we were playing a couple who was in serious trouble. I think I received a lot of on-camera therapy.

Is it easy for employees to bring home conflicts?

My film, The Freebie, was a small intimate movie about a couple who had a difficult marriage. I had scenes with Dax Shepard when we shot the film. I shared the bed with Mark in our actual home. It takes a strong couple in order to discern what is real and what isn’t. None of this would be a threat to you on a good day. It all can threaten you on a bad day. Although it can be scary, you need to understand where you stand as a couple. Make sure you’re clear, connected and in a good place.

How can you keep your attraction for someone after 15 years?

Place your head on his shoulder. Remind each other that they are in this together, and that you’re right next to one another. If someone says something like “You’re always too tired” and “You always have headaches”, it’s not going to help you get laid. The first step is to be able connect with others. After that, the physical stuff will follow. You get really tired as you age. When I was in my 20s, Mark and I met. A typical day for me included waking up at 10:10, getting a latte, hiking, auditioning, then sitting down at 6:15. I would be like “I had the busiest days.”

Is it harder now?

Two children, both of us work, have a home to maintain, and a business we run. It’s always going, going and going so it’s easy to see how easily a physical relationship can be lost. When you return home, you’re done. Children can make you feel that your body isn’t yours. You’re ready to crawl into bed and say, “Please don’t touch me.” It’s important to have physical contact. If you lose your physicality, it is a sign that there is a problem.

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