Review of “Harvard Air Table” Hockey Action Arena


Harvard Air Table Hockey


  • Side walls can be easily chipped
  • It is too small to offer arcade-level play.
  • The plastic nets can trap pucks.
  • PVC laminate is easy to chip
  • It can be hard to assemble


  • Harvard air table dimensions: 84 inches D x 44 inches W x by 33 inches H; 135 pounds
  • Materials (playfield): PVC laminate
  • Features: Profiled rails of 3 inches, 110V motor, removable nets and electronic scoring system embedded to the playfield
  • Price: $$
  • Escalade Sport manufactures this product

Harvard air table Hockey Durability

The Harvard Air Table Hockey Action Arena was built by Escalade Sports to be durable and tough. The table is made with a sturdy cabinet and reinforced legs. These, together with the leg levelers, help keep it stable no matter how hard you play. Its weight adds to its stability, but it is easy to move and lift when you need to rearrange furniture.

The table’s design flaws make it less durable than the customers expected. Some buyers discovered that the side walls can easily be chipped after just a few hours of use. The side rails may become chipped after a few weeks of use. Goals may also look significantly worn down.

These should not have happened. Harvard air table are designed to withstand vigorous play. Therefore, the Action Arena should have been constructed with more durable materials that can withstand wear.


The Harvard Air Table Hockey Action Arena was designed to provide excellent gameplay. The 110v motor creates a cushion of air to keep the puck floating. The PVC laminate playfield makes it easy to move.

The profiled rails of 3 inches provide solid rebound for slap shots while keeping the puck on the field. These features combine to make it easy for you and your friends to have a fast-paced, fun game.

Even if you don’t play air hockey often, it’s still possible to score in the Action Arena. Puck Centering Profiles are a patented feature that allows you to set up your shot and score.

The electronic system does the calculation automatically so you don’t have to count it manually. You only need to look down to see the scoring panels on each side of playfield.

These are all reasons why the Harvard Action Arena was built to offer a great experience in air hockey. There are some hiccups in the game that could make it less fun and affect your enjoyment.

Who is it for?

The Harvard Air Table Hockey Action Arena is perfect for anyone who wishes to play at home, but doesn’t have enough room for an arcade-sized table. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced players, as well as parents wanting to introduce their children to air hockey.