How Ferrari lost the Monaco Grand Prix


Monaco Grand Prix: “Too many errors”

  • Charles Leclerc was not shy in his criticisms of Ferrari’s strategy errors that led to defeat during the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • He said, “Let down not the word.” “Mistakes can sometimes happen, but today there have been far too many.
  • “I am used to coming home disappointed, but that is not what we can do in this moment where we are very strong.
  • “We must seize opportunities. My team is my family. It hurts a lot, but we will be back stronger.

“We can’t afford to lose this many points.” It’s not from the first to the second. It’s from the first to fourth, because we have made another mistake after making the first one.

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Leclerc was disappointed on two levels, though they were interrelated.

First, he was just seeing what should have been an easy win in his home race slip by his fingers due to a series strategic mistakes made by the team.

Second, he was losing yet more points against title rival Max Verstappen. Leclerc held a 46-point advantage in the championship four races ago. The Dutchman now leads by nine points, while Red Bull has won four races consecutively.

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Red Bull should not have been able to win in Monaco. Ferrari had secured the front row, which gave them track position on a circuit that makes it difficult to overtake.

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It was a rainy start that combined with a number of confusing operational steps taken by the governing body, the FIA, made matters more complicated. Ferrari should have been in a position to continue its lead, but Leclerc, followed by Carlos Sainz, was able to get away. This was especially because Leclerc was steadily pulling away at the front, seemingly unchallengeable.

The correct strategy for their position was to keep on the very wet tyres they used to start the race, until the time came to change to slicks.

Red Bull had Sergio Perez pitted for intermediate tyres and set quick times. Ferrari then responded with Leclerc just two laps later. Unfortunately, it was too late. When Leclerc emerged from the pits, he was still ahead of Verstappen, but behind Perez.

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Ferrari still had a chance of winning at this point, but not with Leclerc. After Ferrari refused to allow him to come in for intermediates, Sainz claimed he wanted to stay out to switch to slicks. It was pure bad luck that brought them down this time.

Five laps after Perez pitted for inters, Sainz was pitting for slicks. He would have maintained the lead but for Nicholas Latifi’s Williams, he was forced to pit for slicks on his lap outside the pits.

Sainz wondered why Latifi passed him when the Ferrari came out the pits instead of following. After he’d done that, Sainz lost 1.5 seconds to pass Williams. Perez was only 0.8 seconds ahead.

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Leclerc’s race was deteriorating by the day. Ferrari also stopped Leclerc for using slick tires on the same lap with Sainz, which was a mistake. They called him in, and then advised him to stay out. But it was too late. Leclerc was already in pit lane.