How to Get Prescription Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses


When you are a sports-focused individual and are greatly concerned about seeing the ball clearly, good news for you; there are many brands out there that serve your needs. Oakley is one of those brands for eyewear that never lags in the race, but you might be interested in getting a new line of eyewear that Ronaldo owns. There is no doubt in it that everyone here can wear number 7 too! At SmartBuyGlasses you get all the frames at the best price guarantee, so keep the thrill going.

But how can you get your favourite glasses from the store in lockdown? SmartBuyGlasses has come with the solution for that issue too. They offer the most extensive range of eyewear that you can select online, to make your prescription lenses fitted to whichever stylish frames you pick out, and this you can do without even stepping out of your comfort zone. All you have to do is, simply gear towards their online website and browse through their widest selection.

Still don’t know how to do that? Here is a simple step-by-step guide for your convenience that you can follow to get your dream specs easily. The amazing thing about these glasses is that you get each one of them at the best price guarantee! You get these premium frames with high-grade lenses fitted by their certified opticians and that too in just £6!

Move ahead to figure out what exactly you have to do!

Get your Prescription

Even with the great advancements in technology, online examination for the eye is not yet possible. So, you will have to get a prescription from an authorized optician near you. He will rightly tell you about the type of eye-correction you need and you can use his document for buying the glasses for you. This article is important in telling you your eye’s pupillary distance, the type of vision you have, and the corrective power for each lens that you are going to buy for yourself.

You don’t have to worry at all if you don’t understand the details, you can just upload your document at SmartBuyGlasses, or email them and their qualified optician will get it and help you out through the selection process.

Virtual Try-On feature at SmartBuyGlasses

Instead of moving to the opticians who demand very high prices for only a handful of frames to choose from, we recommend you to head directly to SmartBuyGlasses, which comes with the lowest price guarantee. Also, they have so many options of glasses to choose from, including cat eyes to square shapes, and round face, in short, from every type of glasses to sunglasses.

You can simply try on a pair of glasses that you like in the store and figure out how they look on your face. All you have to do is take a quick selfie video of yours and you will see your face appearing on the screen with an image of your selected pair of glasses. This is an amazing fool-proof way of getting the best pair of glasses for you.

Grab the Right Frame

Whether you have a round face, oval shape or any other, you still get a wide range of glasses for you at the store. You just have to pick the right one for you. There are also plenty of brands that it offers to you, from budget-friendly labels like SmartBuy Collection to the world’s biggest fashion designers. The former offers you a fashionable trend in glasses concerning both style and price.

Frame Shape

Ensure that the glasses you buy from SmartBuyGlasses are set perfectly right on your face shape. Every face shape is different from others, so buy the glasses that suit yours well. To see what face shape you have, look into the mirror after removing any substance like makeup or anything and you will get to know it. If you didn’t like the idea, get ahead to the virtual try-on tool and it will perfectly tell you what face shape exactly you have, and which frame shape will suit you.

Frame Size

You should consider buying the frames that are not too tight or loose on your face, as they can give a clear odd and disproportionate look. Also, they can lead you to feel severe headaches and irritation. So, if you think your current glasses fit well on you, the best thing you can do is check the inside of the frame and figure out what size they are; buy the same size glasses again.

Submit the Prescription

The last thing you have to do is submit your online chosen frame into the purchase basket at the store. Then, the next page will ask you to submit your prescription, and also to choose the type of lenses you want.

You can ask the optician for any advice that you need during the process. After you have made your decision, the lenses will be carefully inserted by the opticians at SmartBuyGlasses, and will ensure you receive them at your door-step.

SmartBuyGlasses introduces you to the most authentic products that you can ever get from anywhere else in the market. It is one of the most trusted eyewear brands that provide you with the prescription and other preferences that you would love. All their frames are labelled with a 2-year warranty, best price guarantee, and a 100 days return option.