Private Number Plates For Investment


Since the 1900s when private number plates originated in the United Kingdom, they have become a great investment for many vehicle enthusiasts. Private number plates have become even more valuable than ever in modern times. New Reg offers some of the best private number plates for people who are planning to get involved in this long-term investment opportunity. Custom show plates produces high quality show plates from premium materials and beautiful finishes. Next day delivery and same-day dispatch available for orders placed before 5pm on Mon through Fri.

In fact, private registration plates have grown in value from the first day they originated in the country. Whether you plan to buy a private number plate as a gift for someone you love or have it yourself, this article provides information on why you need to invest in private number plates without further delay.

Where To Find Private Number Plates For Investment In The UK?

New Reg has a database full of private plates for sale. If you want a “super plate” with 2-3 digits, you can easily find them with New Reg. Super plates are hard to come by and cost more than the average private number plate in the UK. But the investment will pay off in the long run since the value of a super plate increases over the years.

Three Important Tips To Buying Private Number Plates In The UK 

Your Budget

We have private number plates to suit any budget. You will come across an extensive list of options at different price ranges when you shop at New Reg. Make sure you have an idea about the budget before you shop for the best private plate for your vehicle. What kind of budget can you set aside for this investment opportunity once you leave aside your current expenses? This investment won’t make you immediate money since it is a long-term investment opportunity. 

Consider The Fees Involved

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency charges an extra fee for private registration plates. You can review the fees involved in purchasing a private registration plate from New Reg before you shop for the perfect number plate for your vehicle. The fee is usually standard but is more expensive than a normal number plate. In fact, it can be too expensive for someone who lives on a small budget.

Do Your Homework

Make sure you do the homework properly before investing in a private number plate for your vehicle. Even though New Reg tries to answer all of your questions regarding private registration plates, you should research even further before investing your money in a private number plate. In fact, doing your homework is important when funding any new investment opportunity in your life. Many people invest in private number plates to make money in the future. In fact, they plan to leave behind a valuable asset to their next of kin. Hence, doing proper research is crucial to the success of finding the best private number plate for your vehicle.