The Racing Pulses: Something to Write Home About


Listening to and relistening in 2020 to different types of music is a lot of fun. You might not agree with certain genres in the beginning, but you find new respect for its core principles as it gets older and grayer.

Emo is one such sound that has grown more authentic over the past 25 years as its members age. Even though most of the original groups were able to get their proper druthers in their later years, emo might have the chance to emerge with music that is as soulful and seasoned as Madison’s The Racing Pulses.

What is your Current Work in New Music?

We just finished recording the first track of the next album. I’ve been writing as much as I can, exploring my voice and learning more Arrowood Golf about the guitar,The racing pulses and letting it all bloom from there. There are at least 12 to 15 songs in our collective that make up a unique concept. A lot of songs are in my head, and we’re trying new musical effects and instruments to add more depth.

How was the tour to Bulgaria? What was the Experience Like Traveling through Bulgaria?

The stunning scenery of Bulgaria is complemented by the serene energy found in many parts. We traveled by train, bus, and car through vibrant cities as well as quiet, historic towns. My grandma lives in a small town surrounded with lush forests and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is also a wonderful place to eat. We were invited to their garden by our new friends several days after the show. It was simply amazing.

What was it like to be on Bulgarian Television?

We received a call right before we took to the Varna stage one night from Kostadin Filipov, bTV editor and journalist. After reading an article in Trud (Labor) about the tour, he wanted to book us. We were invited to be on “Predi obed”, which is a popular program similar to “Good Morning America.” This show airs in a highly sought-after time slot. It was a popular program and we felt a little pressure as we knew that many people would be tuning in.

What is The Racing Pulses’ 2020 Plan once we are Released from Lockdown?

This new album, which I mentioned, is due for release in 2020. It already feels better than our first record in many ways and I am excited to share it with you all. I also believe that people will enjoy the songs. The racing pulses we will be releasing new content, including music videos. Additionally, we will be integrating more stage design into our live shows. Even those who don’t like surprises will find some surprises.