Washington State Sports Betting: A Comprehensive Guide

Sports Betting

Washington State sports betting is a hot topic these days, and it’s no wonder why. With the excitement of placing a bet on your favorite team and the potential for big payouts, sports betting has become a popular pastime for many. But what’s the deal with sports betting in Washington State? Can you place a bet legally? What are the options available? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Washington State sports betting, from its legal status to the best places to place your bets. Let’s dive right in!

The Legal Landscape of Sports Betting in Washington State

A Brief History

Washington State has a long and complicated history when it comes to gambling. For many years, the state had some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. However, things began to change in 2020 when Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill allowing sports betting at tribal casinos. This was a significant step forward, but it didn’t open the floodgates for widespread sports betting just yet.

Current Legal Status

As of now, sports betting is legal in Washington State, but only at licensed tribal casinos. This means that while you can’t place bets online or at your local bar, you can enjoy the thrill of sports betting at several tribal casinos throughout the state. This limited approach ensures that sports betting is regulated and controlled, providing a safe environment for bettors.

Where to Bet on Sports in Washington State

Tribal Casinos

Washington State is home to several tribal casinos where you can legally place sports bets. Some of the most popular include:

  1. Snoqualmie Casino – Located just 30 minutes from Seattle, Snoqualmie Casino offers a top-notch sports betting experience. With a dedicated sportsbook area, you can place bets on a wide range of sports.
  2. Emerald Queen Casino – With locations in both Tacoma and Fife, Emerald Queen Casino is another excellent option for sports bettors. They offer a variety of betting options and a comfortable environment to watch the games.
  3. Tulalip Resort Casino – Located north of Seattle, Tulalip Resort Casino features a state-of-the-art sportsbook, making it a great place to enjoy sports betting.

Off-Track Betting Locations

In addition to tribal casinos, Washington State also offers off-track betting (OTB) locations where you can place bets on horse racing. While this isn’t the same as traditional sports betting, it’s still a popular option for many bettors.

Future Prospects

There’s always the possibility that Washington State could expand its sports betting laws to include online betting and more locations. However, for now, bettors will need to visit a tribal casino to place their bets legally.

Popular Sports to Bet On


Football is arguably the most popular sport for betting in Washington State. Whether you’re a fan of the Seahawks or the Huskies, placing a bet on a football game adds an extra layer of excitement to watching the game.


Basketball is another favorite among Washington State bettors. With the popularity of the NBA and college basketball, there are plenty of opportunities to place bets on your favorite teams.


Baseball fans in Washington State can also get in on the action. Betting on Mariners games or other MLB matchups is a popular pastime for many.

Other Sports

In addition to the big three, you can also place bets on a variety of other sports, including hockey, soccer, and even esports. The options are vast, ensuring there’s something for every sports fan.

How to Place a Bet

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit a Licensed Tribal Casino – The first step to placing a sports bet in Washington State is to visit one of the licensed tribal casinos.
  2. Find the Sportsbook Area – Once you’re at the casino, head to the sportsbook area. This is where you’ll find the betting windows and kiosks.
  3. Choose Your Bet – Decide which sport and event you want to bet on. Most sportsbooks offer a variety of betting options, including point spreads, moneylines, and over/under bets.
  4. Place Your Bet – Give your bet slip to the cashier or use a self-service kiosk to place your bet.
  5. Watch the Game – Now, all that’s left to do is watch the game and see if your bet pays off!

Types of Bets

  1. Point Spread – A point spread bet involves betting on the margin of victory. For example, if the Seahawks are favored by 7 points, they must win by more than 7 points for you to win your bet.
  2. Moneyline – A moneyline bet is a straightforward bet on which team will win the game. The odds will vary depending on the teams’ perceived strengths.
  3. Over/Under – An over/under bet involves betting on the total number of points scored in a game. You can bet on whether the total will be over or under a specified number.


Is online sports betting legal in Washington State?

No, online sports betting is not currently legal in Washington State. You must visit a licensed tribal casino to place your bets.

Can I bet on college sports in Washington State?

Yes, you can bet on college sports, including games involving Washington State teams. However, some restrictions may apply, so it’s essential to check with the sportsbook.

What is the minimum age for sports betting in Washington State?

The minimum age for sports betting in Washington State is 21. You must provide valid identification to place a bet.

Are there any taxes on sports betting winnings in Washington State?

Yes, sports betting winnings are subject to federal and state taxes. It’s important to keep accurate records of your bets and report your winnings when filing your taxes.

What should I do if I have a gambling problem?

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, it’s crucial to seek help. Washington State offers resources and support for those struggling with gambling addiction. You can contact the Washington State Gambling Commission or the National Problem Gambling Helpline for assistance.


Washington State sports betting offers an exciting opportunity for sports fans to engage with their favorite games in a new way. While the current legal landscape limits betting to tribal casinos, there are still plenty of options available for those looking to place a bet. From football and basketball to baseball and beyond, the variety of sports and betting options ensures there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports betting, understanding the legal landscape, knowing where to place your bets, and being aware of the different types of bets can enhance your experience. Remember to gamble responsibly and seek help if you need it.

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